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Want to stay slim? Here's what you need to do

For starters, stay away from a chaotic environment.

Increase in mindfulness will not make you slim: Study

A new study suggests that an increase in mindfulness may not help you shed those extra kilos.


Five workouts for killer abs, a slimmer you

While some of us want those killer abs, others would be just happy shedding a few kilos. Here're some basic exercises you can do at home.

Eating 9 meals per day may cut your cholesterol and help you stay slim

It helps in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol,and even encourage weight loss.

Read food labels and stay slim

Women who read the nutritional information have a body mass index of 1.48 points lower.

Eating pistachios may help you stay slim and fit

Nut consumers are less likely to have risk factors associated with heart disease,diabetes.


Socialising 'keeps you slim': study

Socialising boost levels of “brown fat” which burns calories to generate heat,says study.

Women want slim body more than Mr Right

Being the right size makes a woman more happy than finding the right man,according to a study.

Now,'miracle jeans’ to make you look 5kg lighter

Here’s an instant solution to look 5 kg lighter—grab a pair of ‘miracle jeans’.

A chilli pill that cuts as many calories as 80-min walk

Scientists claimed to have developed a slimming pill that can burn off as many calories as 80 minutes of walk or a 25-minute jog,while you sit.