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Poor sleep may adversely affect memory in older adults, says study

The study's takeaway message may be that regular sleep is important at any age for the best cognitive performance.

Artificial light during sleep linked to weight gain in women: Study

The research, published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, is the first to find an association between any exposure to artificial light at night while sleeping and weight gain in women.


Afternoon naps can boost kid's happiness, IQ: Study

The study, published in the journal SLEEP, showed a connection between midday napping and greater happiness, self-control, and grit; fewer behavioral problems; and higher IQ.

Brainwaves during sleep strengthen memories, says study

The study, published in the journal NeuroImage, shows how learned information turns into reliable memories during sleep.

Just 16-minute sleep loss may put your job at risk: Study

A study, published in the journal Sleep Health, found that reducing your sleep routine during the work-week greatly interferes with job performance.

Simple tips to get a good night's sleep and improve your health and well-being

Some benefits of a good sleep routine include better immunity, enhanced mood, better appetite and also improved memory.


Now, 'smart' pajamas to monitor and help improve sleep

Getting enough quality sleep can help protect people against stress, infections and multiple diseases, such as heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and diabetes, researchers said.

World Sleep Day 2019: The best and worst sleeping positions you need to know about

A good sleeping habit includes maintaining the natural curve of your spine and aligning your neck, back and hips when lying down.

Get some shut-eye: Uncovering the mysteries of sleep

In the book, which is laid out in four sections - understanding, losing, managing and mastering sleep, author Swami Subramaniam explores sleep and why it can be used as a tool to improve health and performance.

Is your baby getting enough sleep?

Research has shown that irregular sleeping habits in early childhood can adversely affect the cognitive development of a child.

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Must-haves for a good night's sleep

Here are a few things you can do to have a comfortable time sleeping, reports

Top 4: Food that help you sleep

There are a few food items which can improve your sleeping pattern, reports