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Yoga boosts health, mental well-being in older adults: Study

The researchers found that people who practiced yoga had improved balance, flexibility, leg strength, depression, sleep quality, vitality and perceived mental and physical health - compared with no activity.

'Having a baby can disrupt sleep in new parents for up to 6 years'

When children were four to six years old, sleep duration was still about 20 minutes shorter in mothers and 15 minutes shorter in fathers, compared to that before pregnancy, a study found.


Move closer to God for better sleep quality

According to a research religious involvement helps to reduce stress levels and help an individual sleep better at night. Spiritual endeavors help give greater assurance and have fewer negative sleep consequences.

Daily routines may influence sleep quality,quantity

Maintaining a consistent daily routine may be linked to better sleep,according to a study.

Sleep quality gets better with age

The study in Sleep journal found that those in their 80s reported the best sleep.