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Hope lives on: Govt rebuts reports of Nelson Mandela's vegetative state

Govt has asserted that his breathing is machine-assisted but he is not permanently dormant.

British shops ration baby milk as Chinese demand surges

British shops are rationing sales of baby milk after Chinese visitors and bulk buyers cleared their shelves to send it to China,where many parents fear the local versions are dangerous.


Randhawa in city,hands full with Punjabi movie offers

After doing live coverage of UK riots from August 8 to 11,Upinder Randhawa, the show presenter and producer of Sangat TV,has become a star not only for UK residents but also also for Punjabi film directors.

Murdoch's Sky news under scanner over email hacking

Sky News had accessed accounts of a couple who allegedly feigned the husband's death to secure insurance money.

Murdoch snubbed by Australian govt,loses TV contract

Sky TV was earlier poised to win $227 mn contract to run Canberra's international TV service to Asia.

UK riots: Sikh TV channel's coverage hailed

'Sangat TV' has emerged as an unlikely hero during the current unrest in Britain.


Thousands converge on London,camp overnight for Royal Wedding

The event is supposed to break the audience record set by the Charles-Diana wedding.

Saudi billionaire plans to launch own news channel

Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal has said he may start a regional news channel,borrowing from the business model of Rupert Murdoch's Fox and Sky News.

Sky News,BBC won't broadcast Gaza charity appeal

British-based Sky News channel joined the BBC in refusing to broadcast an emergency fundraising appeal for people living in the Gaza Strip.

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Man in 'suicide vest' shot dead in Paris

Paris, Jan 07 (ANI): A man in northern Paris has been shot dead outside a police station and was reportedly wearing a suicide vest. According to Sky News, there are mixed reports about the man. Police union sources said that the man attempted to enter the building with a knife before he was shot by officers and cried 'Allahu Akbar' while Le Parisien reported that he was wearing an explosives vest.