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Swimming dos and don'ts: Ways to protect your skin and hair after a session

But while the sport is great for the body and the overall health, it can get pretty trying for the skin and hair. And if you don't follow certain dos and don'ts, then it can have damaging effects as well.

Is your skin ageing too soon? Know how to fight photoageing

Photoageing is premature ageing of the skin caused by repeated exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, primarily from the sun but also from artificial UV sources.


Know why stretch marks appear and effective ways to get rid of them

Stretch marks appear on one's body when the skin is stretched beyond its elastic limit due to various reasons.

Monsoon skincare: Retain the youthful glow of your skin with these easy tips

Wash your face with a gentle face wash at least twice a day, and anytime when you may have gotten caught in the rains.

Night routine for dry, sensitive and oily skin types

Apart from following these routines eating clean and working out also helps in keeping the skin healthy and glowing.

Having trouble with dark circles and eye bags? Here are some essential tips to get rid of them

Diet plays a vital role. It is important to add vitamin B6 and B12, calcium and folic acid to your diet.


Know the wonders of rice water for your skin and hair

Rice water is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential for maintaining healthy and beautiful skin and hair.

Which soap suits your skin type? This easy guide might help you choose

We have to keep in mind that ordinary commercial soaps have pH levels between 9 to 11, which can be harmful.

Count on these fruits for radiant skin in summer

Consuming antioxidant-rich fruits helps your skin from the inside out with hydrating, healing and UV-protective benefits.

Common mistakes that can make your skin acne-prone

Over a period of time, habits like using a wrong cleanser or scrubbing too hard can aggravate acne or cause other breakouts on the skin.

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DIY tips: 10 ponytails to try out this summer

This summer, flaunt these beautiful hairdos which are so chic yet so easy to achieve.

Ten tips to protect your skin in summers

Take extra care of you skin during summer to avoid rashes and acne.


Seven tips for a glowing skin

If you've resolved to take care of your skin in 2015, adapt some easy-to-follow tips for achieving wonders.

How to take care of your skin in winter

Fight winter woes by using beauty oil, cream cleanser and not relying on toner when the temperature drops. Celebrity dermatologist Kiran Lohia shares a few tips. (Text: IANS)