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What is bakuchiol? It's time we know about retinol's alternative

Bakuchiol unlike retinol is not harsh on the skin and has been used for many centuries in Ayurvedic and Chinese ingredients. Read more if you want to add this to your skincare regime.

Got itchy thighs? Find out what could be causing it

While you can be itchy all over, it is the thighs that sometimes cause most annoyance.


Pimple patches: Everything you need to know about them

Pimple patches are the new spot treatment technique for acne. Does a sticker that cures acne, too good to be true? Scroll down to know more.

How to make ghee an important component of your skincare routine

Ghee is one of the healthiest forms of fat that you can pamper your body with. This tasty ingredient has been part of our lives, culture, food and memories since forever. Read more to know how it helps both; your skin and hair.

Steps to achieve gorgeous hands with the perfect manicure, right at home

However, an impressive manicure is more than just filing your nails and coating them with nail-polish. The ritual can be as extensive as taking care of your face.

Get that perfect glow on your wedding day with these easy skincare tips

Before you begin with a skincare regimen, it is important to understand your skin type.


Five simple ways to add coffee to your skincare routine

Take a look at what can coffee do other than giving you the much needed morning boost.

Get rid of acne with these easy ingredients found in your kitchen

From honey to turmeric and tomatoes, find out which items can rid you of your skin problems.

How to groom your eyebrows to accentuate your features

Your eyebrows can make or break your look. While your eyes are the windows to your soul, brows are the very chic curtains that fancily frame your face. We have tips and tricks to help you shape your eyebrows like a pro.

The ultimate skincare tips for your 20s

Your 20s are literally the best and the worst. You are trying your hands at adulting and it can be pretty chaotic. Check out these simple skincare tips to help you keep that youthful skin for a long time to come.

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DIY tips: 10 ponytails to try out this summer

This summer, flaunt these beautiful hairdos which are so chic yet so easy to achieve.

Ten tips to protect your skin in summers

Take extra care of you skin during summer to avoid rashes and acne.


Seven tips for a glowing skin

If you've resolved to take care of your skin in 2015, adapt some easy-to-follow tips for achieving wonders.

How to take care of your skin in winter

Fight winter woes by using beauty oil, cream cleanser and not relying on toner when the temperature drops. Celebrity dermatologist Kiran Lohia shares a few tips. (Text: IANS)