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Skincare essentials: Easy tips to fight acne this moonsoon

Drink lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and wash off the toxins from the body.

How to deal with your baby's summer skin problems

Most newborn babies have really dry skin, which can even start to peel. Their skin is very delicate and tends to dry up easily. Also, excessive exposure from air-conditioners during summers extracts essential nourishment and moisture leaving the skin rough and dehydrated.


7 natural baby skincare tips for new moms

Baby skincare tips: Your baby might feel sweaty or itchy on his or her dimples on the necks, legs or arms. A moisturiser shall avert all these skin irritations and help in averting such skin problems. It is very essential that a mother moisturises the baby nicely post his or her bath.

Summer skincare tips: Things to consider before buying sunscreen

Excessive exposure to the harsh sun rays can harm the skin and even reduce the skin tone.

Do you know your skin type? This easy guide will help

To find out your skin type, wipe your face with a tissue when you wake up in the morning. If the tissue is clean, you have a normal to dry skin, but if the it becomes stained or soiled with grease, you have a normal to oily skin.

Essential skincare tips to manage oily skin

Summers make it difficult for people with oily skin as the heat makes their skin appear dull and also causes inflammation.


Keep your skin clear and blackhead-free with these home remedies

While many people visit the beauty parlour to get blackheads removed, these easy remedies will help you get rid of those small bumps.

How to protect your baby's skin from the hot summer sun

How to protect your baby’s skin in summer: It is certainly lovely to go out with the baby in sunshine but the cumulative nature of sun damage indicates that babies should be protected from exposure to UV and infrared rays since the day they are born.

Common mistakes that can make your skin acne-prone

Over a period of time, habits like using a wrong cleanser or scrubbing too hard can aggravate acne or cause other breakouts on the skin.

Summer grooming: Essential skin and hair care tips for men

Grooming products can not only be divided according to the skin types and hair textures. Seasons also have great influence on the choice of products you apply on your body.

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From lowering high BP to preventing hair loss: 7 amazing health benefits of black raisins

White raisins are very common, but have you ever heard of black raisins? Made from dried grapes, black raisins have a very sugary taste and a juicy flavour. But more than satisfying your sweet tooth, it has immense health benefits.