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Mira Rajput's pregnancy skin care tips will help you maintain your glow

"When you have a baby, suddenly and almost immediately, your entire focus shifts to the new life you have brought into this world. [Your baby] is entirely dependent on you and you alone. So you forget to take care of yourself because you're so busy taking care of the little one, and that begins to show," said Mira.

Dealing with skin irritation? Keep common skin and hair problems at bay with some expert tips

A range of skin problems is associated with the monsoons with the main culprit being the fluctuating temperature and humidity levels that accompany the rainy season.


Five essential skincare products to get glowing skin this monsoon

Monsoon can cause your skin to behave unpredictably, and cause damage to skin pores. Which is why it becomes important to adapt an appropriate skincare ritual to keep your skin feeling loved and supple.

Vitamin C-rich drinks that can enhance your skin health (recipes inside)

There are number of ways to include Vitamin C to your diet but you can easily add them to your homemade drinks.

Easy ways to get rid of dark circles and have glowing skin

Include deep breathing exercises, like Pranayama, in your exercise schedule. This helps to counteract stress and also oxygenates the body, preventing dark circles. Adequate sleep and relaxation are also important.

Home-made face masks that will help protect your skin this summer

Most fruits can be used for preparing face masks during the harsh summer months as they help cool, soothe and refresh the skin, and also suit all skin types.


Put a glow on your face with these easy and effective summer skin care tips

Summer skin care tips: Be it oily skin or dry, patchy skin, these routine skincare tips and hacks are all you need to incorporate in your daily lifestyle to keep your skin squeaky clean, moisturised, and glowing. 

New therapy may treat vitiligo within weeks

While existing treatments such as topical steroids and light therapy can be effective for patients, they take one and two years to show results.

How to use easily available kitchen ingredients to make effective DIY scrubs

DIY scrubs can help you get rid of dead skin cells and unclog your pores, leaving you with a squeaky clean face. The ingredients are easy to find and the mixture can be easily prepared at home.

Hanacure: An all-in-one skin treatment that promises flawless skin in just thirty minutes

Simply put, this facial treatment is a gel mask that has been inspired by the Lotus flower. On application, the carbon dioxide in the air mixes with it, leading to the formula solidifying onto skin, creating an intense tightening effect.

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Beauty regimen: How to brace your skin and hair from the cold this season

Using a concentrated oil or serum for the face during winter instantly moisturises and nourishes your skin and a regular hair oiling session will help to lock-in the moisture and prevent dandruff. Read on for more expert tips.