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Siri and Alexa Fuel Sexism, UN Finds

The report borrows its title — “I’d Blush if I Could” — from a standard response from Siri, the Apple voice assistant, when a user hurled a gendered expletive at it. When a user tells Alexa, “You’re hot,” her typical response has been a cheery, “That’s nice of you to say!”

Sexy Siri, you made a fool of everyone

Smart speaker technology, by the same token, is its own version of purity, neutral to most social issues including feminism, so the technology is steeped in bias, unconscious or otherwise.


WATCH: Siri interrupts UK defence secy as he speaks in Parliament; video goes viral

Siri "interrupted" the politician's address, after it was triggered by the mention of the word "Syria". Reportedly, the United Kingdom's defence secretary was speaking on the state's fight against the ISIS, when this happened.

Amazon Alexa introduces voice inputs for iOS app, opens competition with Siri

Amazon's Alexa now adds voice input to its iOS app, which puts its functions in direct competitions with Apple's Siri.

Apple to stop Siri from reading hidden lock screen notifications

A new bug has emerged on Apple's iPhones, that makes its digital assistant Siri read out hidden lock screen notifications even without a user's instruction.

Apple HomePod praised for sound, panned for Siri integration

Even as reviewers praised Apple's HomePod for its sound quality, they also criticised the company's digital assistant, Siri, saying that it hadn't developed like its counterparts, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


CES 2018: Smart homes could soon see Alexa draw you a bath

Among the gadgets being displayed at CES 2018, many innovations show how much technology has become routine in our lives.

How Apple's HomePod speaker came 3 years after Amazon's Echo

Apple engineers consistently looked at the design process for the Home Pod as if they were creating an accessory, which is responsible for its limited functioning compared to Amazon's Echo.

Amazon's Alexa speaks Hinglish in an Indian accent, and Apple's Siri will too

Amazon's Alexa speaks Hindi and English in an unmistakably Indian accent, as Amazon attempts to power its virtual assistant to the Indian hinterland as well.

Siri, WeChat may put you at voice hacking risk, claims study

Siri, WeChat and other voice-based smartphone apps can expose you to voice hacking, warn scientists who are developing a new app to stop the growing security threat. With just a few minutes of audio samples, attackers can replay your voice convincingly to trick people and top security systems.