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Sippy Sidhu murder: CBI asks UT Police to hand over case documents

Sippy’s Sidhu’s family members tried to meet the CBI officials on Monday but they could not as some of the senior officials investigating the case had gone to Delhi.


Sippy Sidhu murder case: Shooter’s brother uploads video, blames judge’s family

On Monday, the video of Sippy’s mother went viral on YouTube in which she alleged that on September 20, he had gone to meet the judge’s daughter in the park where he was eventually murdered.

Video of Sippy Sidhu’s mother goes viral on YouTube, blames judge daughter

Many people liked it and commented on the Facebook page ‘Justice for Sippy Sidhu’, created by Sippy’s younger brother Jippy Sidhu.

Police look for woman in Punjab shooter Sippy Sidhu’s murder

Eyewitness says a woman ran from the park after shots were fired and sped away in a car with two unidentified men


Former national-level shooter Sippy Sidhu was aware of threat to life, complained to police

Forensic experts say he was shot with two different weapons at point-blank range