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Watch: 'The Lovers' – Bipasha Basu, Josh Hartnett

Bipasha Basu's long delayed Hollywood project 'The Lovers', previously known as 'Singularity', is finally out with its official trailer.

Humans may be able to upload their brains to computers by 2045

Technology will have surpassed human brainpower to create a kind of superintelligence.


I almost got dropped from 'Singularity': Bipasha Basu

Bipasha,who is one of the main leads in movie,plays a Maratha warrior Tulaja Naik in the period drama,set against the backdrop of first Anglo-Maratha war.

Singularity is the ultimate romance: Bipasha Basu

Bipasha stars as a Maratha warrior in Oscar-nominated filmmaker Roland Joffe's 'Singularity'.

2010: When Indian stars went global

With actors like Anil Kapoor,Tabu,Bipasha Basu,Irrfan and Celina going global,Bollywood went foreign.

Bollywood to Hollywood: Indian actors chase dreams

From Anil Kapoor to Bipasha,Bollywood actors are finding their way into mainstream Hollywood films.


Bipasha becomes a Maratha warrior for 'Singularity'

Directed by Roland Joffe,'Singularity' is a period film,based in the times of the Anglo-Maratha wars.