Sinai Peninsula

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Egyptian navy vessel targeted by Islamic State militants off Sinai's coast

The attack on the ship is the first of its kind by the IS affiliate in Egypt, representing a qualitative evolvement in the military capabilities of the group

Egypt: Hosni Mubarak may walk free,top Muslim Brotherhood leader detained

Hosni Mubarak's release might bring more chaos to already violent Egypt.


Sinai Peninsula: 8 killed in Egyptian air raid

Egyptian Army is trying to control militant activity in the 'lawless' Sinai region.

Qaeda-linked group in Sinai says it was target of Israeli drone

Egyptian security officials,speaking anonymously Friday,said that a drone firing from the Israeli side of the border had killed five suspected militants

Sinai Peninsula: 4 militants reportedly killed in Israeli drone strike

The disputed land is the site of a historic struggle between various groups in the region.

Egypt's Brotherhood vows to continue defying coup

Morsi was ousted by the military on July 3,following a wave of protests by millions of Egyptians


Militants from Egypt open fire in Israel,1 dead

Several hours after the attack,an Israeli airstrike killed two men riding a motorcycle in the northern Gaza Strip.

Rocket hits Israeli city on Egyptian border

The tough talk,however,was tempered by Israel’s desire not to disturb the already fraught relationship with Egypt

Leader of Qaeda-inspired group held,says Egypt

Egyptian security forces arrested the leader of an al-Qaeda-inspired group in the Sinai peninsula that was behind attacks on the police

Blasts hit Egypt gas pipeline to Israel

Two explosions hit pipeline sending gas to Israel,Jordon near al-Arish in Sinai peninsula.