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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Silicon Valley


Slate Star Codex: Silicon valley’s safe space

February 16, 2021 2:35 pm

The website had a homely, almost slapdash design with a light blue banner and a strange name: Slate Star Codex. It was nominally a blog, written by a Bay Area psychiatrist who called himself Scott Alexander (a near anagram of Slate Star Codex)

Explained: The Silicon valley startup that caused wall street chaos

February 18, 2021 2:43 pm

Robinhood’s distress follows a familiar narrative: A Silicon Valley company that promised to disrupt an industry ends up being overcome by the forces it unleashed and has to be reined in by regulators, or in this case, the industry it promised to change

Uber, after years of trying, is handing off its self-driving car project

December 08, 2020 11:19 am

Uber, which spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a self-driving car project that executives once believed was a key to becoming profitable, is handing the autonomous vehicle effort over to Aurora, and will also invest $400 million in the start-up, the companies said

Under blue Silicon Valley skies, Indian-Americans find no algorithm can help choose between Biden and Trump

October 24, 2020 7:21 pm

The choice swings from between a Trump that impacts immigrants and taxes to a more liberal but regulatory Biden.

Silicon Valley star is now teacher in Tamil Nadu, says busy with new start-up — rural school

October 10, 2020 6:55 pm

Sridhar Vembu, the founder of Zoho Corporation is now all set to take this “lockdown experiment” to the next level: “a rural school start-up” that will provide free education and food, a model that doesn’t believe in marks or degrees or conventional affiliations for certificates, or “credentials” as he calls it.

Silicon Valley is tweaking its old mantra of spend big, grow fast

October 09, 2019 3:32 pm

For the last decade, young tech companies were fueled by a wave of venture capital-funded excess, which encouraged fast growth above all else. But now some investors and startups are beginning to rethink that mantra.

Silicon Valley Season 6 to premiere in October

July 25, 2019 1:42 pm

Silicon Valley final season takes a comedic look at the modern-day epicentre of the high-tech gold rush, where the people most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success.

Companies see climate change hitting their bottom lines in the next 5 years

June 04, 2019 1:17 pm

Under pressure from shareholders and regulators, companies are increasingly disclosing the specific financial effects they could face as the planet warms.

US lawmakers propose bill to fight bias in tech companies' algorithms

April 11, 2019 1:12 pm

The bill, entitled the Algorithmic Accountability Act of 2019, would grant new power to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and force companies to study if race, gender or other biases underpin their technology.

Crazy work hours and lots of cameras: Silicon Valley goes to China

November 06, 2018 3:58 pm

Silicon Valley once saw China as a copycat, but it now has some of the world’s biggest and most powerful internet companies.


PM Narendra Modi wraps up Silicon Valley tour with SAP Center speech

September 28, 2015 2:18 pm

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday addressed a large gathering of Indian Americans at San Jose's SAP Center in Silicon Valley.

PM Narendra Modi tours Silicon Valley, meets top CEOs, hosts 'Digital India' dinner

September 27, 2015 11:31 am

Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Silicon Valley with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship as he became the the first Indian premier to visit the world’s leading tech hub.