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Sikkim State Lottery Today Results: winners to be announced shortly

Sikkim State Lottery Today Result, Sikkim State Lotteries Morning Results: The first prize of the lottery is Rs 26 lakhs, the second prize is Rs 9000 and the third prize is Rs 500. The lottery also offers a consolation prize of one thousand rupees that is handed over to 359 ticket holders.

Sikkim CM urges farmers to boost organic produce

To help achieve self-sufficiency in organic production, Chamling urged farmers to ensure that no land remains barren or fallow and even suggested terrace gardens and vertical gardens for farming purposes.


Sikkim says it will become first state to roll out Universal Basic Income

The 2017 Economic Survey had flagged the UBI scheme as “a conceptually appealing idea” and a possible alternative to social welfare programmes targeted at reducing poverty.

What is Universal Basic Income?

The Universal Basic Income, implementation of which has repeatedly been debated in India, seeks to alleviate poverty by providing a basic income to all citizens of a particular state or geographical area, irrespective of their income, social standing, or employment status.

Army rescues nearly 3,000 tourists stranded at Nathu La Pass in Sikkim, receives letter of gratitude

On December 28, Darjeeling, its outskirts and the upper ridges of Gangtok in Sikkim received the first snowfall in 10 years.

Sikkim increases forest cover by over 4 per cent since 1993: Pawan Kumar Chamling

Sikkim, covering just 0.2 per cent of the geographical area of the country, has tremendous biodiversity and is a part of the global biodiversity hotspot.


Indigenous tribal bodies in Sikkim demand National Register of Citizens

Various ethnic groups have accused the Sikkim government of taking a casual approach that led to the 'phenomenal changes in the state's demographic composition'.

PM Modi inaugurates Sikkim’s first airport, commercial flights to operate from Oct 4

The airport, perched between the Himalayan ranges at a height of 4,500 ft, is India's 100th functional airport.

PM Modi to inaugurate Sikkim's first airport today

The first commercial flight from Pakyong would begin from October 4.

PM Modi to inaugurate Sikkim's first-ever airport today

Perched between the Himalayan ranges at a height of 4,500 ft, flights from Sikkim’s first ever airport in the small town of Pakyong are set to take off from September 24.

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Sikkim gets its first airport, India its 100th

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday inaugurated Sikkim’s first airport at Pakyong. At a height of 4,500 ft, it is India’s 100th functional airport.