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Assembly elections: Chandrababu Naidu wiped out from Andhra, Naveen Patnaik's victory certain

Assembly elections results: Has Chandrababu Naidu been able to counter anti-incumbency in Andhra Pradesh; Will Naveen Patnaik return for a fifth term in Odisha; Will Sikkim's Pawan Chamling continue his streak as the longest serving CM, and in Arunachal, what challenges face chief minister Pema Khandu  

Universal Basic Income: The ‘money for nothing’ idea

What is the idea of Universal Basic Income that the Economic Survey found ‘conceptually appealing’, and which Sikkim intends to implement? Whom does it benefit, and whom can it harm? In what ways?


The UBI net

As an idea, Universal Basic Income has appeal and advantages over normal welfare schemes. But where is the money?

Sikkim Democratic Front downplays three ex-ministers joining BJP

"These ex-ministers, besides a former SDF leader Prem Karki, have had nowhere to go after leaving the parent will have no bearing on the ruling party electorally or otherwise, now or ever," the SDF spokesperson KT Gyaltsen told PTI.

Sikkim Democratic Front extends support to Gorkhaland demand

A meeting of the SDF leadership here, without naming anyone, hoped that peace would return to the Darjeeling hills soon and demands of the Gorkha people would be fulfilled. The Sikkim Assembly had, on March 29, 2011, passed a resolution in favour of Gorkhaland.

Sikkim parties still hold 100-pc record

Sikkim got its first elected government in 1979 with Darjeeling-educated former school teacher Bhandari launching the Sikkim Janata Parishad in 1977.


Chamling sworn in as Sikkim CM for 5th time

He was on Wednesday elected as the SDF Legislature Party leader following which the Governor invited him to form the government.

SDF storms to power for fifth consecutive term in Sikkim

Sikkim Democratic Front stormed to power for the record fifth consecutive term winning 18 Assembly seats out of 32.

CCPA meet held,Pawar to head GoM

Intriguing as it may appear,the decision to appoint Pawar as head of the GoM also fitted with the corrective approach of giving due importance to other members of the ruling coalition other than the Congress.