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Found no trace of SFJ at Gallipoli: Punjab CM Amarinder Singh

The SFJ had issued a statement that they had filed a criminal complaint against Punjab Chief Minister Captain Singh with the office of the public prosecutor of Gallipoli.

Sikhs for Justice's call for Referendum 2020 misleading: Dal Khalsa

Dal Khalsa, a radical Sikh outfit, on Monday termed Sikhs for Justice’s call for Referendum 2020 “misleading” and enough to create“illusion” among Sikhs seeking a homeland.


'Sikhs For Justice' offers to sponsor UK visa for Punjabi youth to attend pro-Khalistan meeting

Sikhs For Justice claims that it is an international advocacy group working for “Punjab Independence Referendum 2020 for Sikhs’ right to self-determination” as guaranteed under Article 1 common to the UN Charter.

US court dismisses human rights abuse case against head of top Sikh body

US District Judge Andrew Carter in the Southern District of New York, said the case initiated by Sikhs for Justice against Manjit Singh GK must be dismissed, as the court lacks personal and subject matter jurisdiction.

US govt seeks dismissal of lawsuit to designate RSS as terror group

SFJ had asked the court to declare that RSS as a "foreign terrorist organisation" under relevant US law.

Petition filed in US court to designate 'Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh' as terror group

It alleged RSS involvement in the demolition of Babri Masjid & instigating army operation in Golden Temple.


For first time, 1984 Sikh victims testify before United Nation panel

Of the two, Jasbir Singh is a prime witness in a case related to the riots in India against Congress leader Jagdish Tytler.

Sikh group can't file amended rights complaint against Sonia: US court

SFJ has filed an appeal in the US Court of Appeals against Cogan's order to dismiss the case against Gandhi.

US court dismisses lawsuit against Sonia in 1984 riots case

Judge Brian Cogan granted Gandhi's motion to dismiss the complaint filed by Sikhs for Justice.

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Sikh group secures summons to Sonia Gandhi