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Canada elections: 50 Indian-origin candidates in fray, it’s Punjabi vs Punjabi fight on several seats

In Brampton Centre, sitting MP Ramesh Sangha (Liberal Party), Pawanjit Gosal (Conservative Party) and Baljit Bawa (PPC) are facing each other. Liberal candidate Ramesh Sangha hails from Lesriwal village in Jalandhar and had migrated to Canada in 1995.

American jailed for attacking Sikh cab driver with hammer

Benson hit Singh in the head repeatedly, specifically targeting his turban and knocking it to the ground.


History headline: Who gains if Punjab peace disturbed?

The dream of Indian-origin people in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Germany to have an independent state of Khalistan is however not shared by those they have left behind in the country where their forebears were born.

Make helmets optional for Sikh women in Chandigarh: MHA

This comes a week after the advisory issued by the MHA to the union territory mentioning that the Sikh women living there were completely exempted from wearing the protective headgear.

Chandigarh eatery, Uber Eats fined for delivering non-veg burger to vegetarian Sikh man

Due to his religious sentiments, the complainant believes that eating non-veg food is like committing a sin, which will never be forgiven by God. Therefore, he felt that his religious sentiments had been hurt.

Jalalabad suicide bombing: IS takes responsibility, embattled Sikh minority thinks of moving to India

The suicide bombing has created a sense of panic among the local minority groups of Hindus and Sikhs who are thinking of moving to India, after the Sunday bombing killed the Sikh representative Avtar Singh Khalsa.


UK watchdog investigates Sikh charity over mismanagement

“The commission has serious regulatory concerns that the charity has not been properly managed by its trustees, as a result of an internal dispute,” the watchdog said in a statement.

Shillong: Impossible homeland

For those exiled from Shillong over the decades by a xenophobic politics, a willful amnesia has been the only way to move on.

Turban Day in Times Square gives Sikh respect that it deserves: US Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney

The Sikhs of New York have organised the Turban Day in the city since 2013 with the aim of educating people about the Sikh faith and identity and to promote equality.

BJP MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa says kids with kirpans stopped from taking exam

A school official denied that such an incident had taken place: “If it was true, the child would have gone to CBSE.”

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HS Phoolka on how he survived the Sikh riots

Senior advocate H S Phoolka has just started practising in the Delhi High Court when Indira Gandhi was assassinated on October 31, 1984. Here is the story of how he and his pregnant wife survived the three-day carnage.