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Calcium pills may put elderly women at heart attack risk

Consumption of calcium pills after the age of 60 years could end up causing health problems in elderly women, finds a study.

Do not consume unnecessary antibiotics

Researchers have found that consuming an unnecessary amount of antibiotics could lead to a major public health concern.


Soon, an anti-depressant without side effects

Researchers have identified a compound that may treat depression without the unwanted side effects associated with it.

Steven Soderbergh is ‘out of sight’ but returning,tweet by tweet

With the release of Side Effects,Steven Soderbergh’s “retirement from filmmaking” (at least for the big screen) finally took effect

Risky mix: Cocktail of popular drugs may cloud brain

Regular use of multiple medications has been linked to cognitive impairment and memory loss.

A sunscreen chemical can have toxic side effects

Sunscreen is supposed to protect skin. But some people suspect that a chemical in sunscreen,absorbed through the skin,may be even more hazardous than the sun’s rays.


Cannabis-like drugs ‘could provide pain relief without the high’

Cannabis is usually taken as a painkiller,but it can also produce unpleasant side effects such as hallucinations and impaired mobility.

Medication fears lead to worse side effects

A new study offers some proof that patients who are worried about their medications are more likely to have side effects from them.

Energy drinks are ‘the dangerous coffee of new generation’

An increasing number of students are consuming energy drinks as they study throughout the night,unaware of the dangers of overdoing them.