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Life in a Frame

The Express Film Club presented the nuances of work-life balance in its latest outing in Delhi

How Bollywood was born

A panel discussion at the Mumbai launch of 50 Films That Changed Bollywood, explored changes in the film industry and the role of the critic


50 Films That Changed Bollywood: Shubhra Gupta's book takes you beyond reviews

The Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupta's book 50 Films That Changed Bollywood was launched at Delhi's India International Centre.

‘I want to use cinema to explore that which escapes you’

A conversation with Amit Dutta, the most famous Indian filmmaker you may have never heard of.

Weak Plot,Patchy Animation

Jayantilal Gada’s lavish production draws attention to its scale.

More Bust Than Boom

third installment of ‘Dhoom’ has the kind of tech specs the slickest Hollywood flicks do.


Shahid,Sonakshi overwhelmed with response to 'R... Rajkumar'

'R... Rajkumar' actors Shahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha thanked fans for appreciating their latest release.

No Redeeming Factor

I was left asking,why was R...Rajkumar made? It is nothing but blank putrid noise. R... for Rubbish.

The Performances Touch a Chord

Just for the creation of this pair,Club 60 needs to be commended.

No heroes in Bollywood

The once noble leading man has been undone — by toilet humour.

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DDLJ to Queen: 10 films from the past two decades you MUST watch

An excerpt from acclaimed critic Shubhra Gupta's 2016 book, 50 Films That Changed Bollywood.