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‘Guidelines were followed’: Shravan Kumar

The Indian Express exclusively got Kumar to talk about the burning issue of censorship.

The Daddy Syndrome

Everyone in India believes that they are famous,wealthy,powerful and connected.


Scooterist dies trying to save woman

Trying not to hit a woman who came on his way,a 35-year old man rammed his scooter into a running DTC bus and lost his life.

Politician killed family,wanted clean slate: Police

Patna Hotel murders * ‘Rohtas politician conned many by promising jobs’; cops await autopsy report


A traffic police personnel,Shravan Kumar,was suspended after he was found taking bribe from a commuter on false grounds.

Hate crimes in Oz: Indian students demand swift action

Australia scrambled to salvage its image as a 'safe' destination for education for foreigners as anger swept through the Indian students community.


Race crimes: Shravan's family gets visa to Australia

The father and uncle of the Indian student from Andhra Pradesh who was seriously injured in a racist attack in Australia have got the visa.