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As a little girl, Rani Lakshmibai asked, 'If a boy can do it, why can't I?'

In those days, it was not common for girls to go to school and study. But not only did Manu learn to read and write in Sanskrit—for she loved reading—she also learnt a little bit of Persian.

Short story for kids: An umbrella for Druvi, the dragonfly

It's raining and Druvi, the dragonfly, is upset. The jungle is full of leaves. There are thin leaves and fat ones, big ones and small ones. But none are umbrella leaves.


Short story for kids: Let's talk about animal tongues!

A chameleon’s tongue darts out with lightning speed to grab that grasshopper before it leaps away. Blue Whale, the largest animal on Earth, has the heaviest tongue that helps trap tiny krill that it loves to eat. A flamingo’s hairy tongue helps filter blue-green algae and shrimps that are its favourite food.

Short story for kids: How did the kheer go missing?

While Mira’s father goes to the market to buy raisins, the kheer he was cooking disappears. Who ate up the kheer while he was away?

Short story: Divya has to play football, but she has the sniffles

It’s the day of the Famous Football Cup and poor Divya has the sniffles! Will she be able to play? Read this story to find out what happens to Divya, and also learn about how best to avoid the sniffles.

How far is far? Teach kids measurement with this Magic Math ladder

When writing down big numbers with lots of zeroes after the 1, it is very easy for children - and adults! - to make mistakes. That is why the 'Powers of 10' notation is such a useful thing.


The story of Diwali: The homecoming to Ayodhya

‘They will arrive at sundown,’ said Bharata, ‘We must have lights everywhere to welcome them. Lights and more lights!’

Diwali 2018: Short story—The Night the Moon Went Missing by Shreya Yadav

Diwali 2018: Did you know that many animals, both above and under water, are able to make their own light?

A scary story for Halloween: The Airhostess by Sowmya Rajendran

And it came as such a shock, you know. To come back and find her like that. We did everything we could.’ ‘What are you talking about? My grandmother is right here,’ Aman yelled into the phone. ‘She’s right here.’

A festival story for kids: Kheer on a full moon night

"It is getting colder. This season just after Sharat Ritu is called Hemant Ritu in Sanskrit, says granny. It is a short season in India. Winter will be here soon."