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Short story for kids: The Rats’ Feast by Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore Birth Anniversary 2019: "The old man saw that the pot that had been full of kodma sweets was now empty. And the pot that had held khoi chur, sweets made of parched rice, had not a grain left in it."

A Dussehra story for kids: The best Hanuman by Deepa Agarwal

Hanuman Stories: Hanuman and Ravana masks, all yelling to draw attention to their wares. The festival of Dussehra, which commemorated Lord Rama’s victory over the ten-headed demon Ravana, was just a few days away and the excitement seemed to infect everyone.


Durga Puja: The story of the goddess and her incarnations

Goddess Durga Story: Another name for Durga is Durgatinashini which means ‘the one who eliminates suffering’. Her name thus indicates her role as the one who protects her devotees and removes evil from the world.

Goddess Durga: A folk tale for kids to understand the feminine energy

This is truly an epic story of good over evil and all-knowing power of the feminine energy that bonds the entire universe together.

Sir M Visvesvaraya, builder of dams, bridges and a nation — short story and facts for kids

Engineer's Day: Once when he was on a study tour in America, Visvesvaraya’s host said the group had to climb a four-floor-high ladder to see how a particular machine worked. Everyone was scared. Not Sir MV! He climbed nimbly all the way to the top. He was 85 years old.

Short story for kids: The Weightlifting Princess

International Literacy Day 2019: “Now you’re worthy of being a champion’s wife,” says the King proudly. Princess Nila smiles. “No,” she says. “Now, I am the champion.”


International Literacy Day 2019: Gappu Can't Dance — Short story for kids

International Literacy Day: Everyone giggles and points as Gappu gets it wrong. But Komal Ma’am knows what to do. She tells the class, “Follow Gappu!”

Short story for kids: How Ganesha got his elephant head

Ganesh Chaturthi 2019: Parvati threw him a smouldering look and turned away. Shiva thought of his ganas and the faithful attendants appeared promptly. 'Bring me the head of the first living creature you see,' Shiva ordered. 'And make it snappy.'

Janmashtami story for kids: When Krishna saved Vrindavan

"It was a pleasant morning during the monsoon season. Krishna woke up to hear the sounds of people chattering happily and singing songs in praise of the rain god Indra. When he peeped out of the door, he saw them decorating the paths with flower garlands and lamps."

Short story for kids: Moo Moo brown cow, have you any milk?

Does milk come out of a packet or out of a cow? When city boy Raju visits his Ajji’s farm in the village, he watches Ajji milking her cows. Raju loves the sight of the fresh milk frothing in the bucket, but there is something he enjoys even more. What do you think it is?