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From The Discomfort Zone: Vive le crayon!

What auto-censored traditional media could not say, Charlie Hebdo ripped apart without any frontier.

From the discomfort zone: Salt, sugar, pepper politics

On returning to India, I find pepper, salt and sugar have a totally different aspect at the social level.


Opulence anaesthetises

Outside OT,there’s permanent anaesthesia that people can get from which they don’t wake up.

Spiralling trend

The perspective of what's good and convenient for rural women cannot be decided by urban women or by politicians who want to do good.

A century of change

Exactly a hundred years ago,in 1914,we had encountered one of last century’s most remarkable years.

From the discomfort Zone: The legalities of prostitution

HRD Ministry survey reveals that prostitution is increasing and 60 per cent of girls belong to SC,ST,BC and two-thirds of prostitute families live below the poverty line.


From the Discomfort Zone: Artist’s canvas of tea seller vs dynasty prince

The new game now is railway station tea seller vs political dynasty prince.

'Degenerate' art

Adolf Hitler’s obsession with attaining Aryan purity for Germany included cleansing culture and art.

From the discomfort Zone: Speaking Art

I came from Paris to meet the art lover on the last day of the exhibition.

Artist-muse rapport

He was 75 when we met. I initially figured that his 45-year-old wife was his daughter; they had a 12-year-old son.