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Rain batters Meghalaya, throws life out of gear

Several villages in the district have been cut off from Shillong, as roads were damaged in a flash flood last weekend, Revenue and Disaster Management Minister Kyrmen Shylla said.

Young villagers are on a mission to preserve the ancient living root bridges of Meghalaya

A 23-year-old is rounding up locals from his village to preserve an ancient form of architecture: that of the world-famous living root bridges of Meghalaya


Where Divisions Lie

Set in the volatile times of the 1980s — in the backdrop of communal tension between the Khasis and Bengalis — the novel begins on a highly promising note.

The New Year plunge: Shillong welcomed 2019 by jumping into a pool of ice cold water

The tradition started in 1997 and involves a group of voluntary participants jumping into an ice block-filled swimming pool when the clock strikes twelve.

Shillong Versus Shillong: a coming-of-age novel follows unlikely friendships in troubled times

Nilanjan Choudhury’s new book — set around the friendship of three teenagers — grapples with the “insiders” versus “outsiders” trope that has dominated the story of Shillong for decades

What fuelled the fire in Shillong

To the Khasis, the Mazhabis are outsiders who practise a different faith, and dominate a semi-governmental job market over which they have no control. Economic anxieties underlie the assertions of the Khasi identity.


Mobile internet restored in Shillong after 13 days

Meanwhile, curfew will be relaxed for 15 hours - from 5 am to 8 pm on Thursday in 13-tension hit areas of the city, while night curfew in the Shillong agglomeration will be relaxed from 10 pm to 5 am.

Shillong: Impossible homeland

For those exiled from Shillong over the decades by a xenophobic politics, a willful amnesia has been the only way to move on.

Violence-hit Shillong limps back to normalcy

The capital of Meghalaya was gripped by violence since May 29 following an altercation between Sikh residents in the city's Punjabi Lane area, and Khasi drivers of state-run buses.

Scars of Shillong

The ethnic tension can be traced to a faultline that increasingly defines politics in Northeast — fear and hatred of the ‘outsider’

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12th South Asian Games conclude

Guwahati, Feb 24 (ANI): The 12th South Asian games were declared close in a glittering ceremony that saw performances by eight live bands from across the northeastern states. India's regional supremacy went unchallenged as the hosts were crowned overall champions for the 12th consecutive time after notching up a record-breaking haul of 188 gold, 90 silver and 30 bronze medals taking the overall tally to 308. While Sri Lanka with a total of 186 medals came second, Pakistan begged third position with 106 medals. Afghanistan stood at fourth with a medal tally of 35, Bangladesh at fifth with 75 medals, Nepal secured sixth position with 60 medals, Maldives stands at seventh with a medal tally of 3 and Bhutan stands at eighth with a total of 16 medals. Cycling, football, hockey, squash, volleyball were among 23 sport disciplines of which 16 were held in Guwahati and 7 in Shillong. The hosting of the major international sporting event is part of the government's efforts to develop India's northeast region. The two hosting cities Guwahati and Shillong showcased the culture and heritage of northeast India. The mega sports extravaganza will help boost the state's tourism besides pushing infrastructural growth. The objective of decentralizing sports to centres outside the metros is laudable and the effort will boost economic growth and bring prosperity to the region, making India a global destination for sports.