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Shia, Sunni clerics want Azam’s removal: Does not represent either sect

The convention, in its resolution, raised the demand for Khan’s removal from the ministry, although it did not name him.

Syed Waseem Rizvi hits back at Maulana Kalbe Jawwad: ‘Sold waqf properties, land for graves’

Rizvi termed Jawwad as “a blackmailer who is a threat to law and order” but government is afraid of taking action against him due to his religious status.


Kabul Attack: Two auditors, NGO worker among victims

The four Indians killed in the Kabul attack on Wednesday night have been identified as Mathew George, Rajesh Kumar Bhatti, Satish Chandra and Martha Farrell.

Lawyer wants IB disbanded after his ‘peace mission’ to Iraq is stopped

He sought Rs 10 crore damages, a 'public apology' from the government and a quashing of the lookout circular.

When madrasa challenges state

Pakistan’s plan to tackle terrorism will fail if it refuses to bring madrasas under the scanner.

City Muslim group to send team to Iraq to protect Shia shrines

Lending support to the move, Akali Dal said they plan to bring back 40 from Punjab taken hostage by ISIS


At root of Friday violence: Two Shia groups fighting to control waqf board

The acrimony between the two groups was out in the open after Kamaluddin Akbar resigned from the chairmanship of SCBW in 2010.

Centre issues ‘communal tension’ warning before Ya Rab release

JUeM counsel A V Bukhari contended that the film had scenes depicting the community in “bad light”.

Baghdad bomb blasts kill 28, offensive on

Hospital officials confirmed the death toll for all attacks. There has been no claim of responsibility for the latest attacks.

Wave of car bombs on Shias,Iraqi soldiers kills over 66,injures 100

The deadliest blast was in the southeastern Nahrwan district where two car bombs killed seven people.