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WATCH: Aussie fisherman fights off shark in a spine-chilling video

An Aussie fisherman found himself in a tug of war with an angry 10 feet great white shark while fishing off the coast of Port Pirie, South Australia.

Man killed by shark while diving off Australian coast

The attack happened off the east coast near where a 4 meter (15- foot) great white shark was seen on Friday, government ranger Peter Lingard said.


Australian surfer survives shark attack

Another 32-year-old surfer remained in critical condition when a shark seriously wounded his legs on Thursday.

In seventh attack in three weeks, shark bites man in north Carolina

In two separate incidents, a 68 year old man and a 32 year old surfer were attacked by sharks in North Carolina, US and Ballina, Australia respectively.

Shark bites boy at NC Outer Banks

According to Rescue personnel, the 17-year-old suffered injuries to right calf, buttocks and both hands. This is the sixth such attack in two weeks.

Great white shark blamed for fatal attack on surfer in Australia

Officials have closed beaches in the area and have been searching for the shark.


Lastnight world: Plane crashes in Namibia,killing all 34 on board

A Mozambique Airlines plane en route to Angola crashed in a game park in northeast Namibia.