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Amid boardroom battle, Cyrus Mistry visits Saibaba, Shani Shingnapur Temples

Temple spokesperson Mohan Yadav confirmed Mistry's visit to the popular shrine dedicated to Saibaba, a 19th century saint revered by people across communities.

Protests at Haji Ali, in demand and against equal access to women

Trupti Desai, president of Bhumata Brigade, which was instrumental in breaking the 400-year-old tradition of not letting women enter the inner sanctum of the Shani Shingnapur Temple.


Pleas against Shani temple order to be heard next week

“If anybody is hurt then the main remedy is to challenge the order. But it is up to you to seek reverse of the order,” said Chief Justice D H Waghela.

Kolhapur Mahalaxmi temple allows women to enter inner sanctum

The decision was taken after a meeting between the police and the temple management in the wake of the Shani Shingnapur ruling

Breaking 400-year-old tradition, women enter Shani Shingnapur inner sanctum

The Shani Shingnapur Temple Trust has allowed women to enter the temple following a Bombay High Court order.

Pune: Dominos tumble, other temples gear up to let in women

After Singhnapur, Triambakeshwar, Mahalaxmi temples ready for change, say no problem with women’s entry.


Shani Shingnapur row: How a 400-year-old tradition fell apart in barely four months

That the shackles came off on Gudi Padwa day, the Maharashtrian New Year, speaks eloquently of the rich Maharashtrian tradition of embracing the new and shedding the old on their path to peace and progress.

Shani Shingnapur row: Bhumata Brigade plans to file contempt of court against CM Fadnavis

Chief minister’s office asks them to go-ahead, say they will present their side in court

Bhumata activists upbeat after bombay hc observation ‘Will celebrate final judgment by visiting temple’s core shrine area’

The group, Bhumata Brigade, had taken up the cause after a woman entered the Shani Shingnapur temple shrine area in November and reportedly prompted the temple trustees to perform a “purification” of the area.

Bhumata Brigade now plans to storm Tryambakeshwar temple in Nashik

After failed attempt at Shani Shingnapur, the group now wants entry into another temple.

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Sabarimala: Protestors block activist Trupti Desai’s exit from Kochi airport

Activist Trupti Desai is stuck in Kochi airport as protestors block her exit. She was scheduled to go to Sabarimala as the annual pilgrimage begins on Saturday.

'Black day' for women after barred from entering Shani Shingnapur shrine

Ahmednagar, Jan 26 (ANI): Scores of women attempting to enter the premises of Shani Shingnapur temple on Tuesday were barred by the police from entering the temple's sanctum. Women have been demanding eradication of an age-old tradition that bars women's entry inside the temple. In November 2015, a woman had offered prayers at the popular shrine in 'breach' of the age-old practice of prohibiting entry of women, after which the temple committee had to suspend seven security men and the villagers to perform purification rituals.