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Doctor who aided hunt for Osama bin Laden languishes, forgotten

In the past, Pakistan has compared Afridi's dilemma with demands for the release of Afia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman who is in US custody convicted of trying to kill an American soldier in Afghanistan.

Pakistan lashes out at Trump over vow to free doctor who helped track bin Laden

Trump told Fox News on Friday that, if elected, he would get Pakistan to free Shakil Afridi "in two minutes", saying that Islamabad receives a lot of development aid from the United States.


Pakistan court rejects appeal of doctor who helped find Osama

He also faces a murder charge stemming from a complaint over a teenage boy who died after the doctor performed surgery on him.

Pakistani doc who helped find Osama charged with murder

Shakil Afridi allegedly caused the death of a patient eight years ago.

Drone strikes lawful,effective: US

White House justification means a virtual no to Pak PM’s demand for end to drone strikes.

US has now an ally in India says lawmaker

Pakistan is no longer our ally and India is no longer an ally of the Soviet Union.


Resolution introduced to recognize Afridi an American hero

Dr Shakil Afridi was arrested by Pakistan government three weeks after Laden was killed in the US raid for helping to access the al-Qaeda leader's compound in Abbottabad.

Taliban attempt to abduct Osama op doctor's family

Terrorists have attempted to kidnap brother and other relatives of jailed doctor Shakil Afridi.

Militant group denies link to Pak doctor

LI is a relatively small militant group based in Khyber

Pak doc guilty of militancy,not CIA ties

Pakistani doctor Shakil Afridi,who helped the US find Osama bin Laden was imprisoned for aiding militants and not for links to the CIA