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Telescope: Quake and competition

The news channels’ efforts to convey the depth of human suffering in Nepal were buried by one-upmanship.

TeleScope: Beyond cricket

Arvind Kejriwal looked sunny. And Partition is revisited from across the border.


TeleSCOPE: Showman of the year

In 2014, television was dominated by one person. Will 2015 be different?

The rainbow election

As the results came in,TV news lost the big picture with all the colour-coding.

The screeching heights

Meanwhile,DD National exhumes an old show for prime time.

Lies and tapes

And closure,of a sort,in a high-profile case.


We’ll always have Sachin

He’ll be out there on the cricket field,at least on television replays.

Mission Tendulkar,Mission Mars

TV generated enough hot air around Tendulkar’s 199th Test to propel him beyond the stratosphere.

The chosen one

If elections were decided by TV,Modi would have won by a landslide already.

Small screen,big thriller

‘24’ poses a new question to a jaded TV audience.