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'If your child doesn’t ask you about sex and puberty, talk about it anyway'

"There is never a wrong time to have the talk. When you see an ad for a sanitary napkin on TV, or a bird makes a nest in your window and lays an egg, it is the right time,” says Anju Kish, author and sexuality educator for kids.

Sex Education review: Smells like teen spirit

Sex Education review: Sex Education is a welcome change in the narrative of high-school films and shows.


Love Matters: Beyond sexual fantasies and myths, turning a new page for honest sex education

Sex has always been a subject of curiosity, but instead of coherent sex-education, we get to know about it only via pornography or taboo stories. Not anymore.

Lessons on sex, hygiene for tribal children soon

 In what is perhaps the biggest government promoted sex education initiative in the country, the Maharashtra government has joined hands with Unicef to reach tribal children enrolled in 543 government-run ashram schools in the state.

'Teenagers receiving less sex education from parents, schools'

The fact that schools are teaching less about birth control, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS, and saying no to sex is alarming.

Here's why sex education should focus on gender equality

Sex education for youngsters should be much more than just about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.


Sex education in Mumbai civic schools from next academic year

The module will help create awareness among adolescents about HIV, AIDS and other sexually contracted diseases.

What young people want to know when they talk about sex

“Do you think the way we are going about sex education is outdated? Are we really answering the unasked questions of youngsters, especially teenagers?”

Three Letter Word: How do we tell the children?

Even if you block their internet and disconnect the TV, a whisper from a friend, the lyrics of a pop song, the subtext in their history book will get to them.

Letters to the Editor: Get real

Harsh Vardhan's regressive comments on sex education might have been welcome in the 19th century.