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Judge orders home detention for Australian archbishop over sex abuse cover-up

Wilson was ordered to begin serving his detention on Tuesday in New South Wales state and would be eligible for parole in February 2019, the court said, without disclosing the address of where he would be held.

Muzaffarpur shelter home abuse: How the system failed them

Over the four years of its existence, the shelter home in Bihar, like most government-run shelters in the state, was inspected by multiple bodies, but none flagged the “highly questionable manner” in which it was being run or that “several girls (had) reported about violence and being abused sexually”.


Chile announces wide probe into Catholic Church sex abuse

The nationwide figures follow an avalanche of sex abuse and cover-up cases that have recently embattled Chile's Catholic Church and prompted Pope Francis earlier this year to publicly denounce a "culture of abuse and cover-up."

‘Men too suffer sexual abuse’

The 'I Break My Silence' campaign was started in January 2015 by a youth network in Chandigarh.

Child sex abuse claims shake United Nations as revelations continue

No arrests have been announced, and it's not clear where the accused soldiers, who were supporting a UN peacekeeping force, are now. The UN seems unable to say when the abuses stopped, or how long it continued to investigate.

Pope sets up commission to deal with sex abuse appeals

Pope has set up a new commission to handle appeals by priests who have been disciplined for sexual abuse of minors.


Namdhari Sikh leader's attacker in UK alleges sex abuse

Namdhari leader Satguru Uday Singh suffered a broken arm and a cut nose when the assailant attacked him.

UN denounces Vatican on sex abuse, abortion

During the session, the committee's independent experts grilled the Holy See on its protection of children.

What next: review petition and a fresh case calling for repeal of Section 377

If filed,the petition will be over and above a review petition in the Supreme Court.

UP resident held for abducting,raping minor

The girl was rescued three days ago and brought back to Mohali.