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Former FIFA boss Sepp Blatter says money risks ruining the sport

Sepp Blatter has told various media that he plans to take legal action against his successor Gianni Infantino over damage done to his reputation by the corruption scandal and information FIFA made public about payments to him that he says was inaccurate.

Ex-FIFA head Sepp Blatter flying to Moscow for FIFA World Cup 2018: Spokesman

Banned former FIFA president Sepp Blatter will fly to Moscow on Tuesday to visit the soccer World Cup and meet Russian President Vladimir Putin, his spokesman told Reuters.


Obama urges FIFA to let US host World Cup

US President Barack Obama has urged FIFA to let his country host the World Cup football either in 2018 or 2022.

FIFA not corrupt,England bad loser: FIFA boss

The FIFA president denounced England for reacting like an arrogant bad loser.

To fit in more sides from Africa & Asia,Michel Platini wants 40-team WC

Europe currently provides 13 of the 32 teams at the finals,compared with five from Africa.

Sepp Blatter appeals for World Cup without VAR

Banned former FIFA president Sepp Blatter said on Thursday that the World Cup should not be used as an occasion to experiment with video replay technology.


Sepp Blatter hints at new evidence to challenge six-year FIFA ban

Former FIFA president Sepp Blatter claims to have new facts and wants to re-open the financial misconduct case that led to his six-year ban.

Sepp Blatter considering legal action against FIFA

Sepp Blatter, who led FIFA for 17 years, was handed a six-year ban for ethics violations, imposed amid the biggest corruption scandal to shake world football's governing body in 2015.

After corruption, former FIFA chief Sepp Blatter now accused of sexual assault

US goalkeeper Hope Solo said disgraced former FIFA chief Sepp Blatter grabbed her rear end shortly before the two appeared onstage at Ballon d'Or ceremony in 2013

Andrew Jennings and Grant Wahl tried to take on Sepp Blatter, were taken down by system

One went deep inside to expose FIFA’s dirty secrets, the other couldn’t even get past its doors. We profile the two men who took on FIFA.