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Kolkata: Public platform to ‘promote inter-faith marriages’

This platform had recently launched a campaign titled ‘Open A Door’ to create awareness about discrimination faced by members of minority communities while trying to find accommodation.

Yogi Adityanath alleges that SP, BSP divided the state based on caste and religion

"Secularism doesn't mean being obsessed towards one religion," said Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.


Is India a secular nation?

Edited excerpts of the speech that was to be delivered at the Indian Institute of Public Administration, Mumbai, on April 4 by former Union Home Secretary Madhav Godbole.

Diary item: Marriage, like democracy

The wooing and winning exhilarates, the tough bit comes later

There's extreme intolerance in India: Shah Rukh Khan on 50th birthday

When asked if he was ready to give up his awards much like those over the past month, Shah Rukh Khan said he would, in a symbolic gesture if asked to.

A Suitable Secularism

It needs to be reinterpreted for a new time.


Becoming what we hate

India’s democracy did not have Pakistan’s flaws. Why, then, would India want to imitate Pakistan?

Nextdoor Nepal: To be secular or not to be

As the deadline for the constitution approaches, political parties continue to be divided on this crucial issue.

Secularism a compelling necessity for country: Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi also said that there can be no India without secularism and it remains more than an ideal.