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498A, battered

While, as in case of any other legislation, 498A too has been prone to misuse, such cases have been largely anecdotal. In comparison, complaints declared false on similar grounds are far higher in other IPC cases such as for cheating, kidnapping and abduction, criminal breach of trust

Unfairly targeting Section 498A

Let’s admit that neither dowry nor dowry deaths have been eliminated.


Kicking daughter-in-law cruelty: SC

Says charges will invite Sec 498A of IPC; maximum punishment 3-yr jail besides fine.

SC recalls ’09 verdict,to examine if kicking daughter-in-law is cruelty

Section 498A defines cruelty against a woman and makes the offence punishable with a three year-maximum jail term besides fine.

Kicking daughter-in-law or threat of divorce not ‘cruelty’: SC

A husband and his relatives cannot be prosecuted for ‘cruelty’ towards wife merely because the mother-in-law or other family members had kicked her or for that matter threatened her with divorce.