Second World War

Second World War News

China’s 300,000 troop cut: Expect better air and sea power

At 2.3 million active-duty personnel, China has one of the largest active-duty militaries in the world.

WWII military parade: Ambitious China, divided Asia, uncertain India

In most societies, the past is never really past. It is continually put to political use by governments in pursuit of a current political objective. China is no exception.


Assamese, Manipuri, Naga authors have kept alive World War II fought 70 years ago

In Assam, a whole generation of writers had written interesting novels, short stories, poems and plays with the War as the backdrop.

US team in Assam village in search of remains of WW-II aircraft

The B-29 Superfortress was a four-engine propeller-driven heavy bomber that was flown primarily by the US towards the end of World War II.

Out of my mind: Honouring Gandhi

The last time he came to London was in 1931 for the Second Round Table Conference.

Rediscovery of India

Jason Scott Tilley shows India of today alongside the nation of the ‘40s as captured by his Anglo-Indian grandfather.


A Map for a Lost World

Pakistani novelist Kamila Shamsie on excavating forgotten lands and watching them turn into three-dimensional spaces.

Against All Odds

Despite its many problems,the robustness of India’s democracy comes from its political system.

Japan's Akihito,the divine emperor

In reverence to the emperor,people don't talk to him directly or touch him.

Road to the Future

As dramatic political reforms unveil in Myanmar,the debate on the reopening of the Stilwell Road,which connects India,Myanmar and China,continues. How will the opening up the road affect the countries?