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Sean Spicer's new book: Praise for Donald Trump, criticism for press

Throughout the book, Spicer comes across as in awe of Trump, a man he describes as "calculating and mercurial, charismatic but erratic" and "capable of defeating anyone, including himself."

Sean Spicer unveils Melania Trump's Wax statue and Tweeple can't stop cracking jokes about it

The wax figure of Melania Trump was placed beside the Tussauds version Donald Trump wearing a cobalt blue dress, and Spicer unveiled it for public. While some debated that it looks nothing like the real FLOTUS, others were busy cracking jokes how even the figure doesn't hold Trump's hand.


VIDEO: Sean Spicer does a cameo at the Emmys; few laughed, others fumed

Former US Press Secretary Sean Spicer made a special appearance at the 69th Emmy Awards show, knocking the boots off all of us.

Sean Spicer resigned as White House press secretary and it's raining memes on Twitter

Many thought finally the "man was free" however, they lamented that there would be no more #Spicerfacts or memes to make their day. Many also said that Spicer's resignation would mean an end to Melissa McCarthy's role in SNL, and fans have been mourning that since the announcement.

Anthony Scaramucci is Trump's new communications director

A Wall Street personal, Scaramucci said he is an incrementalist. "To say something overly bold or overly dramatic is unfair. What good entrepreneurs do is they start the day and they go through the process," he said indicating that he would like to work with the communications team.

The Sean Spicer Show: White House spokesperson's brief season

Until he got swept up in Trump's orbit, Spicer had been a party functionary for the Republican National Committee, well known and respected among Washington political operatives and reporters but with no national profile.


White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigns: Report

Sean Spicer handed in his resignation to U.S. President Donald Trump saying he believed the appointment was a mistake. He also reportedly objected to Trump's vision for the future of the press operation. Trump is said to have urged him to stay.

White House accuses Democrats, Ukraine of 'collusion'

"Obviously, there's been a lot more interest in recent days with respect to what the DNC did in coordination with the Ukrainian government to try to collude," said White House spokesman Sean Spicer.

'Peek-a-Bill': Clinton literally hides between two Bushes and Tweeple can't stop poking fun at Sean Spicer

The photos of Bill Clinton in between two Bushes so loved so much that people began multiple Photoshop battles on Reddit and the results are hilarious, and even NASA tried a hand at this battle!

Trump's White House all but ignoring Spanish speakers

White House press secretary Sean Spicer said in January that the administration had its "IT folks working overtime'' to roll out a new Spanish language site after went dark in the hours after Trump took office.