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Saturday, August 15, 2020

Scott Morrison


Australian PM suspends extradition treaty, extends visas for Hong Kong citizens

July 09, 2020 12:53 pm

Morrison said the new national security law introduced last week in Hong Kong was a fundamental change of circumstances and Australia would suspend the extradition agreement.

Aus to invest 270 billion dollars to boost defence capabilities amid China's threat in Indo-Pacific

July 01, 2020 5:23 pm

In an official statement, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the new investments totalling 270 billion Australian dollars (USD 186.7 billion) will be made across air, maritime and land assets to give the Australian Defence Force enhanced options to protect interests and its assets.

Canberra connect

June 06, 2020 8:24 am

Modi-Morrison summit brought welcome progress on security cooperation, but question marks remain on trade.

Australia PM tells locals to avoid Black Lives Matter protests due to COVID-19 threat

June 05, 2020 1:14 pm

Protests against police brutality and in support of Indigenous Australia’s are planned this weekend across the country’s largest cities, and organisers expect thousands to attend.

'Only in Australia': Man interrupts PM Scott Morrison to tell reporters to get off lawn

June 05, 2020 11:42 am

A press conference by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to announce a new stimulus package was interrupted by an irate homeowner on whose lawn they were standing.

India, Australia upgrade strategic talks to Minister level, as with US, Japan

June 05, 2020 8:39 am

Officials said there was no discussion on the ongoing tension along the India-China Line of Actual Control (LAC) but with an eye on Beijing, the two sides announced a roadmap “for maritime cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region to harness opportunities and meet challenges together as comprehensive strategic partners”.

Delhi Confidential: More on Samosas

June 05, 2020 1:48 am

Morrison also talked about cooking Gujarati khichdi, and said they could have Modimosas, just like Scomosas.

Hugs, Khichdi, hologram: Light moments from PM Modi's first virtual summit

June 04, 2020 5:33 pm

"I wish I could be there for what has become the famous 'Modi hug' and share my samosas. Next time, it will have to be the Gujarati Khichdi. I will try that in the kitchen before next time we meet in person," Morrison told PM Modi.

India, Australia ink landmark defence pact after Modi-Morrison online summit

June 04, 2020 4:22 pm

"India is committed to strengthening its relations with Australia, it is not only important for our two nations but also for the Indo-Pacific region and the whole world," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during the interaction.

Modi-Morrison summit can help plug a gap in India's diplomatic tradition

June 04, 2020 9:14 am

It is only by building a series of overlapping bilateral and minilateral platforms for regional security cooperation that Delhi and Canberra can limit the dangers of the growing geopolitical imbalance in the Indo-Pacific.