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Have dark forces been messing with the cosmos

The cosmos is expanding only about 9 per cent more quickly than theory prescribes. But this slight-sounding discrepancy has intrigued astronomers, who think it might be revealing something new about the universe.

Science in 140 characters: Cussy beginnings

What scientists are tweeting about.


New biomaterial that enhances stem cells' ability developed

The biomaterial also dissolves once repair is well underway and its stealth coating makes it invisible to the immune system.

Brain hard-wired to link what we see with what we do

The newly discovered network triggers reactions even before the conscious brain has time to process them.

GSLV D5 ready for launch on December 15: ISRO Chairman

Originally set to be launched on Aug 19,it was postponed due to a technical flaw.

First animals created oxygen for life to begin

Sponges, the first animals to evolve require only small amounts of oxygen, study reveals.


Apollo asteroid to hurtle between moon and Earth today

Asteroid will be passing by Earth on March 5 at around 21:06 Universal Time.

Genes that determine mutation in pigeons can also cause melanoma in humans: study

The three key genes that determine feather colour in pigeons are the same that can be responsible for melanoma and albinism.

India's Mangalyaan successfully leaves Earth's sphere to reach Mars' orbit

India launched its first spacecraft bound for Mars on November 5.

NASA to make water on Moon and oxygen on Mars

The Moon mission will be the US space agency's first attempt to demonstrate in-situ resource utilisation (ISRU) beyond Earth.