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Launch of new Orion spaceship has NASA flying high

Unlike the first space shuttle flight in 1981, Orion will not carry astronauts before 2021.

Alien life may have evolved just after Big Bang

Scientists say that exoplanet may have been able to support life in distant past, warmed by relic radiation left over from Big Bang.


Internet may help predict disease outbreak

The study found that social media and micoblogs including Twitter and Facebook could also be effective in detecting disease outbreaks.

Failed stars near Sun could harbour hidden planet

This particular system,Luhman 16AB,is only 6.6 light-years away.

NASA aims for Mars,robotic Maven set to roar today

Maven is scheduled to blast off aboard an unmanned rocket at 1:28 pm EST on Monday.

New gene therapy may reverse heart failure

Gene therapy shrinks an enlarged heart,improves heart function,and blood flow in animal models: Study


Jacket that gives you right directions

The jacket stores destinations and uploads directions to the jacket with the built-in GPS system.

Milkyway supernova to be visible from Earth within 50 years

The astronomers said that there are 100 per cent chance of catching a prized Milky Way.

Soon,your movements will help charge your cell phone

The mobile generator 'Genneo' can charge a device by walking,shaking or moving in other ways.

Mouth bacteria claims stakes in people profiling,could be new password

Scientists have used oral bacteria to identify a person's ethnicity.