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Children’s book Miss Laya’s Fantastic Motorbike started as a phone story

In small towns in India, we still see many women commuting on cycles and mopeds. Chandra, the character in Miss Laya's Fantastic Motorbike Does Not Like Fruits is based on a single mother who is a farmer, and rides a moped.

Happy Teachers' Day: Where is the internet and other ‘Thunks’ to keep kids guessing!

Happy Teachers' Day: Is there more future or past? Can you touch the wind?


Teachers and technology: Will digital learning reduce dependence on human educators?

Electronic media has become all-pervasive in the modern academic curriculum and this has brought into question the relevance of human teachers in the increasingly digitised classroom.

State wants govt school teachers on WhatsApp

The department has asked all government-run schools in the state to create groups exclusively of teachers for the purpose.

Govt planning to relieve teachers from poll duties, says Katheria

According to Katheria, deliberations are on to find out a solution so that teachers are not occupied in such non-academic work which adversely affects the education of children.

Quest: ‘School education has become more holistic’

"The main motive of this institution is to achieve 3Rs — Right thinking, Right action and Right attitude."


If merged,aided teachers have to clear TET: Maluka

More than 4,300 teachers are protesting for their merger with government schools.

With Bihar’s speedy trials,a lot of crime too

The brother of an additional director general of police killed in broad daylight; a woman schoolteacher smothered to death at her home; three members of a family killed in a land dispute

Punjab govt starts recruitment of school teachers

Punjab Government has started a recruitment process for 8000 school teachers across the state,Education Minister Sikander Singh Maluka said here today. “The state government is committed to provide education to every child. To meet this target the government has asked for data of vacant posts in schools”,he said. To ensure 100 per cent attendance of […]

Girls having less math skills is a myth: Scientists

The belief that girls are not at par with boys when it comes to mathematical skills because of biological differences is actually a myth and it stems from a gender bias from school teachers,says a new study.