School shooting

School shooting News

Two students shot, wounded near Washington state high school

Deputies who checked the school's grounds found no signs any suspects were there. The sheriff's office said multiple suspects were being sought.

Student accused in Washington school shooting blamed 'bullying'

Spokane school shooting: Three female students were also wounded in the shootings. All three girls were listed in satisfactory condition at a hospital on Thursday.


Portland shooting: Man arrested in connection with shooting has ties with gang

Authorities are trying to find 2 other people connected to the shooting near Rosemary Anderson High School.

US: Shooting near Oregon school sends three to hospital

Witnesses said there may have been a dispute outside the school before the shooting occurred at a street corner.

US students fight for lives after latest school shooting

Two teenage US girls were fighting for their lives after they were both shot in the head by a schoolmate.

School worker tried to stop Washington shooting

A high school worker tried to stop a gunman who opened fire on a crowded lunchroom, killing one girl.


Gun control advocates will visit Washington to mark 6 months of school shooting

The fight for renewed gun laws has become emotional with wounded families joining in the battle.