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A day in the life of a Class 1 student’s school bag: Sahil’s world in a bag

The Centre recently issued guidelines fixing upper limits on the weight of school bags. The journey of one such bag in Lucknow and what matters most for its 9-yr-old owner — money for snacks, gravel to play with and his pencil box that he won’t share with anyone.

In Delhi High Court, question on how much school bags ought to weigh

Following the Ministry of Human Resource Development’s (MHRD) guidelines directing that the weight of school bags be reduced, the DoE had issued a circular on November 27, fixing the maximum weight of school bags.


Maharashtra school bag weight: Only 12 district education officers sent inspection reports in October

Despite conducting surprise inspections twice in the city, officials haven’t bothered sending reports of the inspections to the state education department.

Inspection finds bags ‘outweigh’ school children

In all, 118 education officials spanned across 150 schools to check the weight of school bags vis-a-vis the weight of students.

Surprise inspection finds school bag weight twice the govt’s limit

The matter came up for review during a video- conferencing meeting on Saturday with all education officers across the state.