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Yemen separatists say ready for talks in Saudi Arabia over Aden crisis

Analysts say Riyadh and Abu Dhabi differ over how to move forward in Yemen. The UAE, the kingdom's main military ally on the ground for most of the war, in June scaled down its military presence under pressure from Western allies to end the conflict.

Saudi Aramco to buy 20% stake in Reliance Industries' O2C division

Saudi Aramco CEO Amin Al-Nasser had said he remains positive on the firm’s investment in India, and is working with partners.


Explained: Separatist takeover of Yemen's Aden leaves Saudi Arabia in a bind

The Western-backed, Sunni Muslim coalition intervened in Yemen against the Houthis in 2015. The conflict is widely seen as a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Jammu and Kashmir issue: Malaysia, Saudi cite UNSC resolutions, US calls for restraint

In their measured response, these two countries of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) did not take sides. Earlier, two other OIC countries — UAE and Maldives — backed India, saying that its decision on J&K was an “internal issue”.

Now women in Saudi Arabia can travel without their male 'guardians'

The regulations allow women aged 21 or older to apply for a passport or travel abroad independently, without the permission of a male member of their family.

Saudi changes allow women to travel without male consent

Saudi Arabia is granting greater freedoms by allowing any citizen to apply for a passport and travel freely, ending a long-standing and controversial guardianship policy that had required male consent for a woman to travel or carry a passport.


Rebel missile attack, suicide bombs kill 51 in Yemen's Aden

The missile hit in the city's neighbourhood of Breiqa where a military parade was underway by forces loyal to the United Arab Emirates, a member of the Saudi-led coalition that has been fighting the Iran-backed Houthi rebels since 2015 in support of Yemen's internationally recognized government.

Senate bows to Donald Trump vetoes, allows Saudi arms sales

The Senate has failed in a bid to override a trio of vetoes issued by President Donald Trump over plans to sell billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Saudi guardianship laws could be set to change. Here’s how women are reacting.

The guardianship rules require women to get the permission of a male guardian to marry, enroll in a school or a university, apply for a passport or travel out of the country.

Saudi king approves hosting US troops to enhance security in the region: SPA

The gesture comes amid rising tensions between Washington and Tehran in the Gulf that have impacted global oil markets.

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Breaking protocol, PM Modi receives Saudi Crown Prince at Delhi airport

During Salman’s visit, New Delhi and Riyadh will set up a “Strategic Partnership Council” at the ministerial level to deepen partnership in areas like political, security, trade, investment and culture

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Killing Kashoggi: How a brutal Saudi hit job unfolded

An autopsy expert. A lookalike. A black van. Our video investigation follows the movements of the 15-man Saudi hit team that killed and dismembered the journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Fuel prices at an all-time high: News in Numbers

How the government is explaining the rise in petrol and diesel prices. Take a look in today’s News in Numbers.


Opinion | From London to Qatar, Why Does The Terror Trail Span Continents?

With an angry Saudi Arabia, along with some other Gulf countries cutting off ties with Qatar over alleged support to Islamists, the regional power play in West Asia has put India in a spot. With 7 million Indians in the Gulf and nearly 6 lakh in Qatar, India now has to navigate the fault lines […]

EU parliament urges Saudi arms embargo

The European Parliament has voted for an EU-wide arms embargo against Saudi Arabia. Lawmakers voted overwhelmingly in favor of the embargo on Thursday (February 25), which is not legally binding. They said Britain had licensed more than 3 billion euros of arms sales to Saudi Arabia since Saudi-led forces began military operations in Yemen in […]