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Companies can't hide as startups obtain insights on them with spy satellites

High-altitude surveillance was once the domain of global superpowers. Now, a growing number of startups are turning it into a business, aiming to sell insights gleaned from small and inexpensive “cube satellites.”

China launches new Beidou navigation satellite on a Long March-3A rocket

Beidou aims to rival the US GPS system, Russia's GLONASS and the European Union's Galileo as a global satellite navigation system.


ISRO to launch 31 satellites on January 12

ISRO is set to launch 31 satellites in a single launch, set for January 12 in Sriharikota.

Next-gen robots to repair satellites, remove space debris and destroy enemy fleet

NASA and the US defence agency will jointly develop robots that will be able to engage in space warfare, and help remove debris, thereby improving the lifespan of satellites.

Satellite data, smartphone records can help create detailed poverty maps: Study

A new technique developed by a study allows for detailed mapping, with a combination of smartphone data as well as satellite imaging, which offer more precise measurements of economic parameters.

NASA collects 20 years of satellite data, makes video of Earth's transformation

NASA scientists have compiled a captivating video that maps how the Earth’s surface has changed over a span of 20 years, using data from various satellites. In the Northern Hemisphere, ecosystems wake up in the spring and sprout new leaves, while a fleet of Earth-observing satellites track the spread of the newly green vegetation. Meanwhile, […]


Indian PSLV-C37 rocket lifts off with 104 satellites

The PSLV-C37 (Indian rocket Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) was lifted off successfully from the spaceport of Sriharikota, about 125 km from Chennai.