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Candidate Nilekani

Assigning an Aadhaar number to 1.2 billion Indians may turn out to be the smaller challenge

Wake up and smell the Starbucks

Bangalore’s homegrown Café Coffee Day now faces real competition


Discounting the city

Siddaramaiah is being accused of ignoring Bangalore

Hashtag,better service

Social media is emerging as a popular and effective channel for consumers to register complaints

Leader with a scheme

Siddaramaiah’s position in his party,and the Congress’s fortunes in the Lok Sabha polls,could hinge on the one rupee rice scheme

From unemployment to innovation

There are fewer jobs for engineering graduates. The upside could be a start-up nation


A household name?

Many more south Indians,tired of official forms and the need for explanations,are switching to the standard first name-last name format.

The food court rules

It’s hard convincing tech workers to eat their greens.

Piecing together the big picture

From traffic management to healthcare,how technology can be turned to public use.

All stick,no carrot

Azim Premji’s straight-shooting,demanding style makes him one of the toughest bosses in corporate India.