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#SareeTwitter: Priyanka Gandhi Vadra shares picture from her wedding day

In the last couple of days, several women have shared pictures of themselves wearing a sari with the hashtag #SareeTwitter. The latest to join in is Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Why the story of the sari is as complex as its pleats

A glance into the sari’s uneven origins, colonial-era influences and confluent meanings encourages wearers to go beyond its broadstroke projection as a ‘timeless’ marker of pan-Indian-womanhood.


Spin a Yarn: Women and their love affair with saree

We talk to women who have always disregarded the definition of a sari as a length of unstitched cloth.

Drape yourself well in sari to look slim

Sari can make you look visibly slender, if worn right and chosen well.

Sari...I'm the New Boss

The new power symbol in corporate India.

Fifty Shades of a Sari

For her signature collection of saris,television host Mandira Bedi has played on fabric and colour


The Sari,Simplified

Amit Aggarwal debuts with his line of saris,packed with glamour,novelty and comfort.

Sari please,not me

An overwhelming response to last week’s column has triggered this one.

Priyanka dons Indira's sari for campaigning

It's not just her nose,but also the wardrobe Priyanka inherited from Indira Gandhi which brings back to the people memories of her grandma.

Naomi Campbell’s sizzling Indian ramp debut

Naomi made her Indian debut as she walked down the ramp in saris and local outfits at Indian Fashion Week.