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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Sardar Sarovar Dam


At 132.5 metres, water level in Narmada dam nears FRL

August 04, 2022 2:25 am

The Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited (SSNNL), which has been generating hydropower through the 1,200 -MW Riverbed Powerhouse (RBPH) , is now keeping a close watch on the inflow to decide about releasing water from the gates.

Water level in Sardar Sarovar dam reaches 129.75 metres

July 27, 2022 12:17 am

The Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited (SSNNL), however, has been generating hydropower through the 1,200 -MW Riverbed Powerhouse (RBPH) instead of opening the radial gates for a safe filling of the dam to its Full Reservoir Level (FRL) of 138.68 metres.

Sardar Sarovar dam 63.32 per cent full, water level rises to 126.89 m

July 26, 2022 2:46 am

Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited (SSNNL) officials, however, said it was decided to balance the rising levels in the dam by generating hydropower through the 1,200-MW Riverbed Powerhouse (RBPH) instead of opening the radial gates.

Sardar Sarovar water level rises by 1.44 m in 48 hrs due to heavy inflow

July 22, 2022 11:57 pm

According to the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd (SSNNL), the Narmada dam has an inflow of 79,185 cusecs from upstream in Madhya Pradesh on Friday evening.

Gujarat: Tremor of 3.1 intensity recorded 12 km from Sardar Sarovar Dam

June 22, 2022 12:33 am

The tremor occurred at a depth of 12.7 km and there were no reports of any casualty

Several dams in Saurashtra have low storage

September 20, 2021 1:22 am

As per the latest report of the state government, 51 out of 206 major dams in the state were overflowing on Sunday. Of the 51 reservoirs, 48 are located in Saurashtra.

50 % rainfall deficit in Narmada basin to affect state’s water share

September 16, 2021 3:44 am

While the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd (SSNNL) is now preserving the water to raise the level in the basin, following heavy rainfall in Saurashtra and intermittent rainfall in Central Gujarat, the shortfall in the basin will hit the party states sharing the water when the allocation is calculated at the end of the monsoon in November this year.

Gujarat will not face drinking water shortage, says Nitin Patel

August 27, 2021 12:48 am

Stating that there has been a shortfall in rainfall, Patel said there was adequate water available in the Sardar Sarovar dam on the river Narmada to meet the drinking water requirements of the state for an entire year.

Gujarat: Rainfall deficit in MP, low inflow to Sardar Sarovar

August 25, 2021 12:58 am

The rainfall deficit in Madhya Pradesh, where a majority of the Narmada basin is located, has meant an almost negligible inflow of water to the Sardar Sarovar Dam that stands at 115.82 metres, on August 23, which is just five metres short of its dead stock, which last year, at this time, was 120 metres.

Water level drops in Narmada dam as surface treatment taken up for the first time

July 25, 2021 11:03 pm

SSNNL officials say the dam has been drained on purpose during summer to allow leakage repairs as a delayed monsoon is not a worrisome issue.