Santhara News

Pune: After 24 days of Santhara, cancer patient passes away

Fifty-year-old Sanjay Bhandari, a cancer patient who was on Santhara for the past 24 days, passed away at around 2 am on Tuesday.

Jain priest undertaking Santhara passes away

A person who takes the vow of Santhara stops eating and drinking water and awaits death.


The Final Fast

Santhara, an award-winning documentary by Shekhar Hattangadi, explores issues around the Jain death ritual

Santhara: Glorified suicide or essential practice?

Glorified suicide or essential practice? Family pressure or personal choice? Cruel end or dignified ending? With the Jain practice of santhara caught in legal row, Manasi Phadke & Tanushree Venatraman try to find out.

Santhara: The debate

A person needs permission of their guru to perform Santhara.

A santhara row that divided Rajkot

Sections of the Jain community alleged that santhara had been declared for Girishchandra Maharaj for uchhamani (donations made by visitors during santhara).


At Bikaner, a ‘mrityu mahotsav’

Badni Devi Daga, 82, took up santhara on July 25, the 24th anniversary of the death of her husband, who had also taken the vow during his last days.

The Jain religion and the right to die by Santhara

Indian Express explains the issues in the legal battle around the practice of starving to death.

Life and death

The santhara case offers yet another opportunity to re-examine the legal status of suicide.

Supreme Court stays Rajasthan High Court order declaring 'Santhara' illegal

The Rajasthan High Court earlier this month made "Santhara"punishable under section 306 and 309 IPC (abatement of suicide).