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Why US has cleared dengue vaccine with conditions, where India stands

Dengvaxia ran into trouble two years ago when the Philippines had to suspend a school vaccination programme following several casualties.

Pharma firm Sanofi Pasteur makes headway in dengue vaccine trials

Analysis showed that three doses of the vaccine administered to children aged 9-16 years gave a 95.5 per cent protection against severe dengue.


First glimmer: After Asian success, dengue vaccine trials come to India

With no treatment in line for dengue, unlike malaria, control and prevention of this disease has posed a major challenge.

Vaccine for docs

Since January,vaccines against swine flu have been procured from Sanofi Pasteur and out of a consignment of 10,000 only 4,000 have been utilised so far,state surveillance officer Dr Pradip Awate said.

First batch of imported H1N1 vaccine sent to states

Confirmed to be safe for human use,the first consignment of imported H1N1 vaccine manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur was dispatched from Delhi to various states.

H1N1 vaccine trials start today

Even as questions are raised about the efficacy of the H1N1 vaccine,India has given a leading French pharma company permission to start trials.