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Prankster puts glowing red eyes on Gandhi statue in San Francisco, photos go viral

Pictures of the 'prank' went viral after one Redditor VickyOneTime shared the images on the platform in a subreddit group with the title, "What I can only imagine was Winston Churchill’s nightmare..."

Black leaders support preserving controversial mural in San Francisco

The mural was created in 1936 and depicts the life of George Washington. It shows pioneers standing over the dead body of a Native American and slaves working at Washington's estate.


Four injured after gunman opens fire in San Francisco-area shopping mall

Police were searching for one or possibly two gunmen who may have fled the scene

San Francisco becomes first US city to ban e-cigarette sales

Companies such as Juul Labs Inc. lose home turf as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved the ordinance on Tuesday, banning the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes until they have approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

Explained: The push for, and the pushback against, facial recognition technology

The unease around the use of facial recognition stems from concerns over the loss of privacy, and fears that the state may be unwilling or incapable of protecting this fundamental right of citizens.

Man behind San Francisco’s facial recognition ban is working on more — way more

Written by Kate Conger As San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors prepared to vote Tuesday on an ordinance forbidding city agencies to use facial recognition technology, some proponents of the measure were uncertain if they had the necessary support. Two of the legislators who were for it had called in sick. But Brian Hofer, a paralegal […]


San Francisco bans facial recognition technology

The San Francisco proposal adds that it “is really forward-looking and looks to prevent the unleashing of this dangerous technology against the public.”

California man drove over family because they 'looked' Muslim, say police

The local media reported that three members of the same family, a father, his son and daughter, among the other eight pedestrians, were injured in the alleged "hate crime" on Tuesday. The police have not released the nationality and religion of the family.

San Francisco may aid on immigration for extradition help

San Francisco is a sanctuary for people who are in the country illegally and generally prohibits communication between employees and the federal government regarding a person's immigration status. There are strict rules on when cooperation is allowed.

Kansas city finally finds a reason to fall in love

Heading into Sunday night’s game at New England, the Kansas City Chiefs are 5-0, as they were last year, as they have been before, and yet the general sense here is that this season just feels ... different.