Same sex marriages

Same sex marriages News

Dutee Chand says she’s in same-sex relationship with soulmate

Dutee Chand, the 100 m record holder and winner of two silver medals at the 2018 Asian Games, is the first Indian sports star to acknowledge being in a same-sex relationship.

UN to recognise all same-sex marriages of staffers

The world body will recognise all same-sex couples married in a country where it is legal, regardless of their nationality.


US state of Arkansas allows gay-marriage

Over 200 gay couples got marriage licenses on first day as Arkansas became 18th state to allow gay marriages.

Same-sex marriages expected to boost travel, hospitality industries

Changes in marriage laws will have big implications for travel in the United States and abroad.

Elton John eager to legally wed David Furnish

Elton John and David Furnish are hoping to be among the first married gay couples in the UK.

Gay Rights to be on Barack Obama's radar during trip to Africa

Barack Obama's visit to Africa might coincide with Supreme Court rulings on same sex marriages.


In U.S.,same-sex spouses may face financial tangles

The conflict between state and federal law - and between states - creates double worlds for gay marrieds in their financial lives.