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A Chinese platform that makes space for discussions on women's sexuality

Zhao Jing says it is “definitely good” that there is at least talk about the LGBT community publicly. Her passion project Yummy, however, is broader in its focus.

China signals won't follow Taiwan in allowing same-sex marriage

China, which claims Taiwan as its own sacred territory, has a thriving gay scene in major cities, but there has been little sign that the ruling Communist Party will legalise same sex marriage, despite activists pushing for it.


Taiwan to vote on formal recognition of same-sex marriage

Taiwan's Constitutional Court in May 2017 said the constitution allows same-sex marriages and gave parliament two years to adjust laws accordingly.

Taiwanese reject legalizing same-sex unions in referendum

Although the ballot initiative is advisory only, it is expected to frustrate lawmakers mindful of public opinion as they face the court deadline next year.

Anger and anxiety in Taiwan as same-sex marriage vote nears

Taiwan is set to hold a series of public votes on November 24 to decide whether same-sex unions should be written into law, raising uncertainty whether there will be full marriage equality on the island.

Taiwan to hold referendum on special law for same-sex marriage

Taiwan's constitutional court declared in May last year that same-sex couples have the right to legally marry, the first such ruling in Asia, and gave a two-year deadline for legalisation.


Romanian constitutional ban on same sex marriage fails on low vote turnout

Religiously conservative Romania, which decriminalised homosexuality in 2001 decades after neighbouring countries, bars marriage and civil partnerships for same sex couples.

Romania's parliament votes in favour of man-woman marriage only

Constitution of Romania currently states that marriage is a union between "spouses". While the ruling could limit the definition of marriage, it would not preclude a law that would recognize same-sex civil partnerships

Gays marry in midnight wedding ceremonies across Australia

Marriage equality became law on December 9 with overwhelming support in Parliament, but Australia's requirement that all couples give a month's notice for weddings made Tuesday the first possible date for gay marriages.

Australia legalises same-sex marriage: Now 26 countries in the world have embraced the law

Four countries, Malta, Germany, Finland and Australia legalised same-sex marriage in 2017. The first wedding in Australia will take place after a month when, the legislation shall take effect in the country.